Planning is important for sizing, styling and selecting options for a Graber building. We work with you to plan and design the structure according to your needs. Below are answers to some common questions to get you started.

What Size Building Do I Need?

Purpose of the building, the space available for construction and your budget are the main factors in determining size and selecting features. Making a list of the challenges you hope to address is helpful. What size does it need to be to meet those challenges? What options are needed to create the style and appearance you like?

Do I Need to Get a Permit?

Yes, a building permit will be required. You should contact your local municipality to find out what documentation and plans are necessary for review and to obtain a building permit. Planning within the allowable guidelines saves time and money. We’ll design your building according to the codes, and provide you with the plans needed to obtain your building permit.

What’s Your Contracting Process?

To get started, contact us or visit our showroom for an initial consultation. We’ll discuss the building you want and give you a proposal based on the size, style and options you choose. Then, you’ll have to make sure your new pole building meets your specific local building codes and guidelines.

Once we’re completely satisfied your new building is right for your situation, we’ll draw up and finalize the contract. Then, you can get your building permits and we can begin the construction of your Graber building.

Do You Provide All Materials and Supplies?

Absolutely. Whether you need to stop in and pick up one item, or we’re delivering a complete building, all of the components that go into a Graber building come directly from our showroom and warehouse. If we do have to order a non-stock item, we’ll usually have it in 1-3 weeks.

Why Should I Choose Graber Supply?

Graber Supply has been serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England states for over 20 years. We’re with you through every stage of the project, from the design to the finished building. Graber will build you a custom building, just the way you want it. Choose from thousands of color combinations and hundreds of available design options. We use only the highest quality materials (our metal has a 40 year paint warranty). And, we include labor and transportation in our prices.