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Storage Structures

If you're looking for storage, Graber Pole Buildings offers choices you should at least consider before you go with a storage unit or a wooden storage shed.

And if you're looking to store larger items- that can't fit into the sheds you see at the big box stores, a post frame building is probably want you need.

Happy Graber customers have used our buildings to store trucks, boats, and oversized items like bigger trucks, bigger boats, campers and even RV's.

Graber Customers have used their storage structures for:

  • Antique Porsche car collection...
  • Store-collect tractors...
  • Motor homes
  • RV's
  • Hay
  • Lumber
  • Storing concrete, salt, ...any kind of commodities
  • Lumber yard
  • Straight warehouse
  • Anything that you're inventorying or storing...

And Graber will seek your input during the design process, "When we first talk to a customer who is looking for storage, we always point out how affordable it can be to turn a regular storage structure into a dual purpose building. For just a fraction of the whole project, it really does make sense to go ahead and add that loft, workshop, separate office space, or craft room," councils Graber.

"We've helped free hundreds of garages from choking to death on the all the stuff owners shove in there," says Graber. "So many garages today aren't used for parking owner's vehicles; they are used to store stuff! And with our buildings, we can all but guarantee you enough space to get everything out of the garage and into the new storage building."

Pole Building

Why Pole Buildings Instead of a Pre-Fab Shed?

With prefab storage sheds, the size is actually limited by the local traffic ordinances. Once your shed reaches a certain size, the fees associated with getting it delivered can be almost as much as the structure. So at most, you're probably only looking at dimensions of 14 feet wide and 32 feet long.

And the delivery process can be problematic: shingles blow off, siding comes loose... the better shed builders don't have this problem, but it is something to be aware of.

But a Pole Building that is constructed directly on your property can be as large as you want it.

Custom Construction

There's also a limited layout with cookie cutter buildings. They really can only come in one size: a rectangle. but with a built on site post frame building, you can lengthen the building to suit your exact needs.

Finally, Post Frame Construction Buildings are much more of a permanent structure to your property than something that gets slid off the back of the truck and laid on the ground. Both from the outside looking in, and walking around on the inside, you'll be able to tell the strength and reliability of a Graber Building.

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Storage Structures That Cost Less Money

The price per square foot in a Graber Pole Building is much less than a standard storage shed.

Average Cost Per Square Foot

average cost

"The reason our post frame construction buildings are so economical is the small amount of labor that's needed to make the building larger. The only added costs for a larger storage structure when going with a pole building is the added material," explains Graber. To keep your costs on a structure used just for storage, see what you can live without. Adding windows, extra doors, and options that will make the building look sharp can usually drive up the price. "A 'Plain Jane' building that is secure and will keep your property safe and dry is really what most people need, "says a Graber designer. "So if you don't need sky lights or anything else aesthetic, save some money on your storage structure."

Graber's Best Picks for Sizes

Modest Pick:

30 x 40

This is probably the most popular sized structure we sell. The inside height on the buildings we design tend to be higher than a standard storage shed. We design a lot them to have 12 feet, 14 feet, even 16 feet tall. And it's easy to customize these - for example, in our own warehouse, we installed heavy steel racks to store metal panels.

Average Pick:

36 x 72

We like this sized building. Many of our customers are looking to store a lot of things- and they have a wide variety of items to store. The length on these buildings really allow for multiple uses.  We suggest that folks give some thought to a vapor roof barrier roof insulation in any of the buildings. You may be tempted to skip it, but it's a great way to prevent condensation from collecting on the metal roof, and dripping on your items. The reflective layer also keeps your building cooler in the summer."

Spacious Pick:

80 x 200

After all these years, We are still pleased with our own warehouse. It's huge! Every time we walk out there we're reminded how efficient post frame construction is. This size let us fit in two big garage doors. 24' by 18' for our trucks to easily back in and out. And just like we do with our customers, we spend a lot of time in the design phase of the building to find out what the building is going to be used for. For example, we needed some serious indoor height to accommodate not only our trucks but we wanted to take advantage of the wall surface space. We use heavy duty wire racks to store tons of our metal material. Some folks would think that it's too big, but we've never heard a customer come back and tell us they built too big. But too small? Now that's another story...

So if you are looking to store larger amounts of your treasures, and want to keep them under roof and secure, give the Graber team a call and get a fast hassle-free ballpark quote.